"Dianetics" is a New York Times Bestseller for over 65 years!Buy it. Read it. Use it. You will never be same again!Call for a copy today! Email; cofsbuena@live.com. Ad number: #256070443 Contact: Church of Scientology Ventura Phone: 8055855314 City: CA Zip: 93003 Price: $25
What if you had simple tools which you could use to improve your relationship with others? What if a step-by-step procedure could help you achive your goals in life? What if you could learn the secret to mastering any subject you wanted to master. Scientology can help you do that and much more. order your DVD today! Email; cofsbuena@live.com. Ad number: #256071835 Contact: Church of Scientology...
Have you ever watched a movie that made you want to be a better person? This one will... This independent short film will give you renewed faith in yourself and humanity. There are many people struggling to live a better life, follow their stories and see what they chose to do tell help themselves find happiness. This film is appropriate for families and children over ten as there is some viole...
Sorcerian: Master Scenario, Special AT Edition for MS-DOS. Complete. Comes with box, game book, five 3.5" game disks, and three 5.25" disks. $25 ***** Sierra Award Winners for MS-DOS. Contains Red Baron and Rise of the Dragons. Missing King's Quest 5.No game books, only the box and disks for Red Baron (3 in all, complete) and Rise of the Dragons (7 in all, complete). Both games are the 5.25" HD...
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